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100% Grass Fed Beef Box

100% Grass Fed Beef Box A Very special selection of Ethically Raised Native beef showcasing the unique flavour of 100%


We have put together a grass Fed lamb box with a great selection of seasonal and what we believe to be the most popular cuts Our Grass Fed lamb is hung for 7 days to enhance the flavour. The Lamb Box Contains 1 x 1/2 Leg of lamb on the bone. 6 - 8 Loin Chops or Lamb Culets. 600g Lean Minced Lamb 500g Diced Lamb Ideal For Tagines, Curries And All Slow Cooking. Delivered fresh and suitable for freezing  


Keeping it simple, Nothing But Free Range Chicken The Chicken Box is for those who just want some more white meat in their lives. Slow grown, locally reared and a selection of your favourite cuts.   Box Contains 1 x Large 1.8 - 2.0kg Locally Reared Potash Farm Free Range Sasso Chicken. 600g Free Range Chicken Fillets (typically 3 breasts) 6 x Large Free Range Chicken Portions (drumsticks and thighs).   The Chicken Box is delivered fresh and suitable for freezing.

The Butchery Box

The Butchery Box The Butchery Box contains exceptionally tasty yet simple cuts that will elevate your meat eating to another

Simply Meat

Keeping it simple, a selection of classic staple cuts you can always rely on. Available in  small, medium and large and as always our meat is from Free range, British farms and typically native breeds. Box contents: Native Beef Mince. Free Range Chicken Portions (Thighs And Drumsticks) Free Range Chicken Breast Fillet. Free Range Boneless Pork Steaks. Native Diced Stewing Beef   DELIVERED FRESH!

The Ultimate Steak Box

The Ultimate steak box contains six of the most popular steaks all from dry aged, native beef.   RIB EYE Beef rib eye is undoubtedly the steak for those who love their meat with a healthy amount of marbling and a fuller flavour, . Its muscle structure and ratio of fat makes the taste second to none. RUMP A great all-rounder, this steak has a firm texture adding character to the cut, rump has a subtle flavour but thanks to its sweet external covering and ageing process it still tastes fantastic.  Rump is a the leanest of the steaks (except fillet) making it the most popular. We cut our rumps thicker ensuring they can be cooked to your liking without sacrificing its succulence. SIRLOIN Sirloin is taken from the middle of the back section, with the perfect amount of marbling and a slightly less firmer texture than the rump the sirloin has not only a beautiful flavour but is lovely and tender. With an extra level of external fat to crisp up to add a sweet, buttery sometimes nutty flavour. All steaks are cut at 250g each and dry aged for a minimum of 28 days or until we think they are at there very best.

Steak ‘N’ Bacon Box

Inspired by the simple pleasures that make up our weekends, the Steak N Bacon box contains the tasty treats that book end our days perfectly. 1 x Pack of Block & Butchers, Free Range Dry Cured Back Bacon (8 rashers). 1 x Pack of Block & Butchers, Free Range Dry Cured Streaky Bacon (8 rashers). 2 x Dry Aged Beef steaks, choose from either Sirloin, Rump or Fillet.   All steaks are cut at 250g Delivered Fresh and suitable for freezing.

Simply Steak

Dry aged for a minimum of 28 days and cut from native beef. Choose from Sirloin, Rump or Rib Eye. Delivered in packs of two, each steak weighs 250g. Fresh and suitable for freezing.

The Breakfast Box

The Breakfast Box includes in our opinion all of the essential ingredients for the cooked breakfast.   12 x Pork chipolatas. 8 x Dry Cured Back or Streaky Bacon Rashers. 6 x Locally Layed Free Range Eggs. 1 x 400g Chubb of Fruit Pig Black Pudding. (The best you will ever taste)   For any additional requirements, please contact us directly.