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Homemade Meaty Sausageroll

Our sausage rolls have developed quite the reputation! Substantial, succulent and meaty with a hint of sweetness with a lovely addition of sage. Coarse in texture, designed to be filling. Wrapped in a blanket of puff pastry. Made using our own unique recipe. Our sausage rolls will be delivered in their raw, uncooked state with a handy little note on storage and cooking. We really want you to enjoy them in their crispy, buttery, freshly cooked state straight from the oven just as you  Get your ovens ready! We hope you will be even more thrilled with every bite.

Individual Steak And Ale Pie

Our pies are the ultimate comfort food made here at Block & Butcher by our in house chef. Our pies are the ultimate comfort food. Chunky diced beef marinated in locally brewed ale for 24 hours then slow cooked until succulent before being filled in to buttery, flaky pastry. Made to our own original recipes with the same free range, quality meat you can find in our counters. Our pies come freshly baked and full cooking instructions, also suitable for freezing.