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We are proud to be members of the Pasture for Life Association.


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Your Sustainable Butchers

At our local, sustainable butchers shop, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with high-quality, ethically sourced meat. We believe in transparency when it comes to our products and work closely with local farmers who raise their animals using sustainable and humane practices. Our meat is not only delicious but also supports local agriculture and promotes environmentally conscious food production. Our customers can trust that every purchase they make from us is a step towards a more sustainable food system.

With over 30 years of experience in the butchery industry, our team has honed their skills to provide our customers with exceptional cuts of meat. We understand the importance of traditional techniques and take pride in using them to create products that are not only delicious but also healthy and sustainable. From our carefully selected beef and pork to our free-range poultry, we strive to provide our customers with meat that is not only delicious but also ethically sourced. Our commitment to sustainability and animal welfare is at the heart of everything we do, and we are proud to serve our community with quality, sustainable meat.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a Butchery that works with local and British free range farms who’s passion and beliefs align with ours and put our own unique style to it!

Our meat is always ethically reared with the emphasis being on quality, traceability and sustainability.

We are 100% committed to flying the flag for traditional native breeds and extremely proud to be members of the Pasture for life association celebrating and promoting 100% Grass Fed meat.

With over 30 years of butchery knowledge behind us we aim to inspire, excite and educate with traditional and innovative ideas.


Our Team

Learn more about the coolest butchers behind the Block and Butcher


Having initially trained as a chef Scott soon realised he was in the right industry but wrong craft, with a clear natural talent for butchery and a creative flair Scott mixes modern butchery with traditional values. Scott now has over 10 years of  experience so brings a wealth of knowledge to the business, as well as a unique style. His speciality are having an eye for detail and ability to create amazing counter displays.


Training as a butcher straight out of school, Ricky was taught using very traditional techniques and old fashioned values. He has a love of food (mainly eating) and is excited by the modern approach to the art of butchery, His speciality is bacon curing and the British sausage, playing with the many different flavour infusions is when he is at is happiest.